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Welcome to the vibrant world of transcosmos, where innovation meets collaboration. Our work environment fosters growth, teamwork, and a shared passion for excellence like no other. Explore our company culture and initiatives that are motivating our team members each day.



Embedded in our core values at transcosmos Europe is a profound commitment to CSR activities and initiatives. Caring is not just a responsibility but part of our DNA and a fundamental aspect of who we are. With our belief in giving back to the communities, we make a positive impact where we live and work.


Debrecen Businesses Roundtable

Proud member of the DBSC Roundtable, where unity becomes a powerful voice. In collaboration with other companies in Debrecen, Hungary, we strive to elevate the reputation of the business service sector. Together, we share a common mission - emphasize the significance of language learning, and actively shape learning and career paths.


Our collaboration with University and Educational Institutions

We proudly introduce our collaboration with the University of Debrecen, where we allow young professionals to embark on their journey of knowledge, innovation, and experience with us. This partnership signifies a commitment to mutual growth and gives many opportunities to the students. Together we foster a friendly environment for the next generations.



We have been in partnership with transcosmos Europe for several years now, and our collaboration with them has contributed significantly to our operations. Over time, our relationship has transformed into a robust partnership that consistently delivers a stable and reliable support system, characterized by mutual respect and effective teamwork. Their attention to detail and willingness to customize solutions to meet our specific needs have significantly enhanced our customer satisfaction levels. We deeply value this strong relationship and the enduring partnership we have forged with transcosmos Europe.  

Sarah Woodward

Head of Customer Services EMEA



From Asia

transcosmos opens BPO Center Sapporo Kita-Hachijyo to help the construction industry drive DX from planning to utilizing digital on-site

transcosmos hereby announces that the company has opened BPO Center Sapporo Kita-Hachijyo in Sapporo city, Hokkaido, a new center specifically designed to help the construction industry from planning digital initiatives to implement and embed digital tools in the business process.

From Europe

transcosmos Europe’s commitment to the community: Empowering Education and Language Diversity

transcosmos Europe is proudly announcing our commitment to supporting local nurseries and schools while promoting the significance of foreign language education. We are delighted to unveil our latest initiative at a school in Debrecen, Hungary, where we are marking a significant step towards fostering educational growth and language diversity in the community.

Blog articles

The key to the success of DX in contact centers lies in the use of chat! The Secret to Increasing Digital Channel Inflow

Telephone contact points in contact centers (call centers) account for more than 60% of all channels, and many companies are promoting initiatives to encourage customers to solve their own problems...

From Asia

transcosmos carries out a tree-planting project in Yaese-cho, Okinawa prefecture to achieve carbon neutrality

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that on Saturday, December 9, 2023, the company planted a total of 160 HIKANZAKURA (Taiwan Cherry) and azalea trees on a land of approximately 4,000m² in Yaese-cho...



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