Our collaboration with University and Educational Institutions

We proudly introduce our collaboration with the University of Debrecen and local High Schools aimed at fostering academic and professional growth and allowing young professionals to embark on their journey of knowledge, innovation, and experience with us.

This collaboration is marked by mutual support and shared objectives. It includes active participation in various professional events, joint initiatives with language faculties, and engagement in educational outreach programs. Through these endeavours, we seek to not only contribute to the academic landscape but also to identify and nurture young talents that align with our company’s goals.

This partnership signifies a commitment to mutual growth and gives many opportunities to the students. Together we foster a friendly environment for the next generations with a shared commitment to excellence in education and talent development.

Our collaboration is significantly impactful through active participation in various professional events alongside the University’s key language faculties, including various European languages.

We also engage in open and profession-oriented events at High schools aiming to recruit students. Through presentations and workshops, we emphasize the advantages of Debrecen City, highlighting competitive salaries and associated benefits.

The University and High school events in which we participate allow us to promote our company at the university, especially among multilingual students. We conduct presentations, workshops, and Q&A sessions, fostering engagement and interest.

Collaboration extends to university-organized events at conference halls citywide, where we introduce our company to a broader audience. Additionally, a partnership with the Foreign Language Hub enables language assessments for candidates, ensuring the right level of language assessment for the role.

Furthermore, our collaboration extends to job fairs facilitated by the university, providing us with a chance to showcase our footprint globally.

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