Debrecen Businesses Roundtable

DBSC Roundtable
(Debrecen Business Service Centers)

The Debrecen Business Service Centers Roundtable is a collaboration of companies in Debrecen, Hungary who have recognized the need of having one voice to represent their shared interests better and become a counterpart for the city and its educational institutes.

Our mission:

  1. Increasing the reputation and familiarity of the business service sector in Debrecen and in the region.
  2. Recognition of the importance of language learning and its support in Debrecen.
  3. High importance of determining learning and career paths leading to the business service sector and – where necessary – developing them, as well as increasing their awareness.

Members of the Roundtable:

  • Transcosmos Kft.
  • 4iG Nyrt.
  • British Telecommunications
  • Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions
  • DIEHL Aviation Hungary Kft.
  • EPAM Systems Inc.
  • Flowserve Hungary Services Kft.
  • NI Hungary Kft.

DBSC Roundtable

The DBSC Roundtable is a cooperation of 8 multinational companies, including transcosmos Europe. We have recognized the need of having one voice to represent their shared interests better and become a counterpart for the city (Debrecen) and its educational institutions (University and High Schools).

DBSC Roundtable projects:

University Courses at University of Debrecen
The DBSC Roundtable organizes some courses specifically designed for university students at the University of Debrecen. The courses offering insights into international business, multilingual companies and the BSC sector in Debrecen and are presented in 3 different languages:

  • Hungarian
  • English
  • Italian

IT-specific Course
A unique course tailored for IT students focusing on the BSC Sector in Debrecen. The course is called: ‘Applied IT knowledge – choose your career path’.

Open Lectures and Discussions
The students can experience pre-course open lectures, featuring roundtable discussions on relevant and interesting topics (e.g. AI ). These sessions act as teasers for the upcoming IT course. The main aim of the lectures is to let students know they can choose the course and learn about actualities in the BSC sector in Debrecen and in the business world.

Ambassador Programme
The DBSC Ambassador Programme is a new initiative organized through DBSC. Through this programme we are engaging High School students in Debrecen. Various High Schools in Debrecen participate and delegate 1 or 2 students, who are going to be the DBSC Ambassadors for the school year. During that period, they are gaining insights into DBSC, Debrecen’s companies, potential careers, and the business world, spreading awareness among their peers. Currently we have 18 DBSC Ambassadors.

Student Internship Programme
Collaborating with the institution in Debrecen called Debreceni Szakképzési Centrum (DSZC), comprising 11 High Schools offering vocational trainings, transcosmos Europe provides the summer internship programme for DSZC students in relevant fields. Last summer, 20 students participated and gained valuable experience through the Internship Programme.

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