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Join a company that drives enthusiasm just as much as your skills. The majority of our managers started their careers as agents. But even better – it’s our caring culture that defines who we are and why you’ll want to become part of our community.

We offer benefits, development trainings and the chance to participate in different initiatives and contributes to our community.

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Flexibility and Growth opportunity

Your voice, our understanding – we are flexible and give you the chance for the career growth.

At transcosmos Europe, we want each team member to feel seen and heard, that’s why our career paths are flexible created to meets individual needs. We want to give everyone the same opportunities, with us you can work and study at the same time. Embracing the diverse needs of our team members, we offer a range of opportunities like office based, hybrid and remote models that aligns with your individual’s lifestyles.

Whether you are seeking for full-time or part-time roles, we have a suitable solution for your professional journey. Explore the possibilities with us, where flexibility is not just an option – it’s a part of our DNA.

Amazing workspace

At transcosmos Europe we know that amazing workspace is responsible for a hub for creativity, collaboration and join success that’s why we redefine your workplace experience by offering a modern, flexible spaces with different meeting and training rooms, cafeteria and fun area that meets every need and boost the creativity and productivity.

Expressing our gratitude

We want our team members to feel valuable and appreciated.

From team thematic events and awards to annual parties and customer appreciation programmes, we are recognizing the professional work, and we are appreciating our valued team members.

Giving back to the community

As a company, we actively participate in social projects aimed at making a positive impact to the community of where we live. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we engage in various projects, trough the initiatives which has the purpose to support vulnerable, protect environment and emphasize the importance of different causes.

It is our mission to create a positive change and inspire others to take action.

Unlocking benefits

At transcosmos Europe, we offer a fantastic and unique working environment, built on a successful culture of ambition, experience, and teamwork. We are proud to promote longevity and progression at every level.

We provide a comprehensive benefits package, designed to ensure the overall well-being, satisfaction, and success of our valued team members.

This includes:

  • Competitive salary
  • Various wellness programs including gym memberships and wellness activities.
  • Cafeteria
  • Team building and free time activities
  • Professional development including training, workshops and educational assistance
  • Flexible work arrangement
  • Youthful environment

Navigating Together in your language

We value diversity and collaboration and take pride in our multilingual capacities. Thanks to our passionate team members, transcosmos Europe is an inspiring and great place to work for all.

Our dedicated teams serve hundreds of customers in different languages, each one of them with different history backgrounds and needs, building a long-lasting partnership relation every day.

Our core values

Respect and diversity:
High attention to Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion makes us an employer of choice 

Corporate culture:
At the fundamentals of our corporate culture lies trust – fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered 

Strong career path in place:
Encouraging a culture of learning and personal growth & supporting employees’ development – based on our career opportunity we can elevate you to the next level 

Spirit of teamwork:
Our teams are the backbone for success – happy team members = happy customers 

Next generation approach:
Tailored exclusively to employees’ needs, we offer solutions to foster and elevate professional growth and development in their current position 

Seamless leadership:
Strong leadership to lead the next generation. Seamless leadership based on our strong 57 years’ experience

Employment excellence

Compelling reasons to join our team

Patrick Csomos

Patrick Csomos

Associate Service Delivery Manager

“Transcosmos is a company where each individual can grow as a person, develop their skills and furthermore gain valuable experience for which all employees can be grateful.During almost two and a half years of employment, I’ve met amazing people, made lifelong friendships and I found myself being surrounded by the most supportive people regardless of my positions.Thanks to the company I was able to reach goals which I never thought I would be capable of.Transcosmos is a place where you can feel recognized and cared for if you are putting in the effort and it is a place where you can establish your whole career.”

Brahim Lghazoini

Brahim Lghazoini

IT Service Desk Team Leader

“I consider TCIS as a second family for me, I can’t believe how fast time flies by! After 12 years of work, I feel very attached to this company, not only thanks to their working spirit, their multicultural and international environment but also to their services, stability and the trust they have in their employees.TCIS is a company without borders, full of opportunities and offers unavoidable possibilities to its employees. I was and still am happy to be a member of this famous company!”

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