Embedded in our core values at transcosmos Europe is a profound commitment to CSR activities and initiatives. Caring is not just a responsibility but part of our DNA and a fundamental aspect of who we are. With our belief in giving back to the communities, we make a positive impact where we live and work.

Our core values:

Social Responsibility: Strengthening local communities and enhancing their well-being 

Creating a better world: Dedicated to safeguarding the future of vulnerable populations, including refugees 

Taking care of our future: Nurturing the educational development and well-being of the next generation – from early childhood to university-level education 

Giving back to the community: Giving back where we live is another key element of our corporate DNA

At transcosmos Europe, we are committed to making a positive impact through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Here are some of our ongoing projects: 

Donation Collection with Dorcas

We are a non-stop collecting clothes, household items, toys, etc., at our Debrecen office. Donations are collected in a designated paper box at our reception, ensuring a continuous flow of support.

Together for Disabled People NGO

Active participation in community programs and workshops in collaboration with the DBSC Roundtable and regular donations to the organization.

Dorcas – Blue Bucket Donations

Collaborative efforts to gather food for families, the elderly, and vulnerable individuals in need around the Debrecen area. The initiative involves the collection of donations in Blue Buckets during specific periods.

Playful Educational Afternoon with Refugee Children

Engaging in activities such as connecting, playing, learning, and studying with refugee children at the Dorcas Refugee Camp. Active involvement in sorting donations and providing direct assistance to the Dorcas Team.

World Cleanup Day – Debrecen

Participation in the global movement which was appreciated by the Debrecen Mayor’s. Together with the 130 volunteers representing 12 companies collected over 70 m3 of rubbish across 53 km2 in the Forest Spots around Debrecen.

Company Blood Donation Event

Organized company-wide blood donation events in collaboration with the National Blood Donation Service and Red Cross. Our team members generously donate blood to support those in need.

Together For Animals NGO and Animal Shelter

Collection of dog and cat food, textiles, cat litter, and other items. Ongoing commitment to regular activities and volunteering to support the NGO.

Hajrá Run – 2.5 km Charity Run

Active participation in charity runs, showing solidarity, and running for the goals of the initiative. Focused on supporting kindergarten-aged children in need and encouraging a love for running among children and adults in Debrecen.

School Item Gathering Before the School Year

Assistance to the Dorcas Team in gathering school items for 300 disadvantaged children from the Debrecen area.

Invisible School Summer Camp

Collaboration with the “Invisible School” Debrecen, offering support to more than 50 children from disadvantaged families. Involvement in teaching activities outside the traditional classroom setting.

Teaching English at a Kindergarten and School

Weekly English lessons conducted by our EU Head of HR, Zsófia Szabó, to introduce children to the world of the English language.

These projects reflect our dedication to creating a positive social impact and fostering a sense of community and compassion.

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