transcosmos opens BPO Center Sapporo Kita-Hachijyo to help the construction industry drive DX from planning to utilizing digital on-site

transcosmos hereby announces that the company has opened BPO Center Sapporo Kita-Hachijyo in Sapporo city, Hokkaido, a new center specifically designed to help the construction industry from planning digital initiatives to implement and embed digital tools in the business process.

Business transformation in the construction industry continues to gather pace as revised work style reform laws came into force in the construction industry in April 2024. From three centers in Japan and two overseas, transcosmos has been providing the industry with services specifically designed for construction firms from planning, sales and marketing, design, construction, to follow-up services.

Construction sites have become increasingly digitalized with proactive use of ICT tools. Yet, many businesses struggle to embed the tools into on-site operations and thus cannot collect or create necessary digital information, failing to fully utilize the tools. Building on its proven record in offering construction management and BIM-related services, transcosmos, in partnership with its affiliate APPLIED TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., provides circular services specifically for the construction industry to help the industry utilize digital technologies and tools. The industry-specific digital services span from project planning, implementation, to embedding digital tools into on-site operations. In addition to using industry-common tools, transcosmos also develops tools tailored for each individual client to solve challenges they face in each process. Ultimately, transcosmos helps clients optimize the entire business process. As a new center that offers circular services for the construction industry, the new BPO Center Sapporo Kita-Hachijo will provide services that assist clients in solving their challenges.

transcosmos will help the construction industry embrace accelerating digital transformation (DX) while contributing to society in achieving DX towards a smart city.

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