In the rapidly evolving healthcare sector, we stand as a pivotal force, driving operational efficiencies and enhancing patient care quality. Our dedicated services are designed to address the needs of this vital industry. Our team of experts delivers large-scale transformation programs that improve patient centricity whilst reducing cost.


In the dynamic world of telecommunications, staying ahead requires not just keeping pace with technology but also ensuring customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Our services are tailored to meet your specific demands. We offer a spectrum of solutions ranging from customer support and technical assistance to back-office operations and billing management.

IT & Communication

In the realm of IT and Communication, where innovation and agility are paramount, our BPO services are designed to propel your business forward. We specialize in delivering tailored solutions that encompass helpdesk support, network management, software development, and data analytics. Our team of experts ensures your operations are efficient and your technology is cutting-edge.


In the fast-paced automotive industry, where precision, quality, and efficiency are non-negotiable, our services offer a strategic advantage. We can provide a wide range of solutions, including dealer support, warranty management, customers support, and after-sales services. Our industry expertise enables us to deliver services that align with the unique requirements and high standards of the automotive sector.

E-commerce and retail

Providing comprehensive support in various areas, including customer service, order management, logistics, and payment services. With our expertise, we specialize in optimizing online operations andelevating customer experiences across diverse channels.

Travel and leisure

Enhance customer experience through tailored solutions combining efficient customer service andcutting-edge technology. Our experienced professionals assist end-users with hardware andsoftware issues through various communication channels such as ticketing tools, phone support, andemail correspondence. We are committed to delivering prompt and effective solutions, ensuringseamless operations for our esteemed partners. transcosmos provides comprehensive support invarious areas including reservations, customer service, loyalty program management, and technical support.


We specialize in providing comprehensive multichannel customer support services to a leading European passenger airline. Our dedicated team handles various aspects, including reservation support, addressing general pre- and post-booking inquiries, providing general information, and accommodating special assistance requests.


The game industry is advancing at a very quick pace. Providing comprehensive support to the players holds immense significance for game creators. The feedback and involvement of the gaming community help developers refine their creations, implement enhancements, and produce content that fulfils players' expectations and desires.

Green Energy and Energy Storage

As a company, we set our goals towards sustainability as we are witnessing the Green Energy and Energy Storage sector's unprecedented growth. Our services are specifically constructed to meet the unique needs of this evolving industry. We offer solutions that span project management, regulatory compliance, customer support, and supply chain optimization.

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