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Experience & expertise

transcosmos has a long history of 57+ years of experience in outsourced services. Originally established in Japan, and since then we’ve expanded throughout Southeast Asia and the rest of the world. We currently have 100+ operating centers across 27+ countries and regions, supporting 30+ languages.

transcosmos solutions serve over 2,500 customers around the world and as an outsourced solution provider ranked 33rd among the top 100 global outsourcing companies.

transcosmos Europe is a leading provider of CX solutions, committed to delivering excellence in customer service. We offer innovative approaches designed to help our partners grow their businesses faster and more efficiently using the latest technologies.

With a vision to revolutionize customer interaction, we embarked on a journey to transform our CX by using different technologies to suit the partners’ changing needs, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping customer satisfaction, loyalty, and operational efficiency.


transcosmos continues
to earn awards and global

including “Global Outsourcing 100 Leaders” awarded by IAOP 3 years running.

End-to-end solutions

Our wide reach has enabled us to offer world class end-to-end solutions for companies across the entire scope of CX, IT services and e-commerce support.

Our experience coupled with talented people and innovative technology makes us a valuable strategic partner for customers who are striving for operational excellence, cost efficiencies and ultimately business growth.

Fundamental concept

The fundamental concept of transcosmos's business lies in uniting people and technology to offer high-valued services."People" refers to the highly specialized human resources who can offer fine-tuned services, and "Technology", pertains to up-to-date technology in the world that can be an asset to our customers. By combining "People and Technology, “transcosmos continues to polish the origin of our establishment of creating the most optimal business process.

In order to secure excellence in our business operations, transcosmos responds to diverse global markets and selects the optimal “People and Technology” for each market.

With our operation capabilities to realize speed, cost, and accuracy, our customers' business process become highly competitive, thus achieving a state of what we call "Operational Excellence".

As a BPO vendor that promotes innovations, transcosmos optimizes our customers' business process and aim at this “Operational Excellence” as a philosophy for our service.

As digital technology continues to evolve, consumer touchpoints with businesses have diversified and consumer influence on businesses has become more powerful than ever before. At the same time, industrial borders have become vague as new players, focusing on the cutting-edge technology, continue to emerge. Now, in order to adopt to the changing business environment and to support our customers' transformation, transcosmos provides two new suites of services, tapping into the digital technology.

First is the services that support improving customer experience by removing the barrier between marketing, sales and support to centralize diversified consumer touchpoints. Integrating our long-standing, proven know-how on consumer communication and digital technology with our global service network, transcosmos aims to become the one and only partner who can work with the customers to drive their initiatives to improve customer loyalty as well as to expand their sales and profits.

Second is the services that support digitalization of customers' internal business processes to respond to digitalized market and consumers. Leveraging the digital technology-based automation and the digital platform, transcosmos develops a simple business process together with the customers and supports its operation.

transcosmos continues to support customers' transformation by seamlessly connecting those two suites of services. As one transcosmos, we endeavor to become the trustful Global Digital Transformation Partner for all our partners.

Mission, Vision and Value

Our mission is to leverage customer insights to always be your most trusted partner.

As an Asian-originated company, our vision is to create a global society where everyone is equal and treated with respect.


  • Customer-oriented
    To be constantly chosen as the one and only trusted partner, we will put customers first and always value feedback from the GEMBA*.
    *Japanese word referring to the place where the work and operation is actually done.
  • Employee-oriented
    While working closely together to achieve business goals as one team, we will improve employee satisfaction and increase employee engagement.
  • Professionalism
    To fulfill our responsibilities and take full accountability as professionals, we will work diligently with pride, confidence and passion.

Meet our team members

Hiroki Tanigawa


Kenji Sato


Ivan Karadjov

VP of Sales

Szabolcs Krisztian Szakacs

Country Head of Hungary and Poland

Aileen Samia-Sha

Country Head of Philippines

Our global capabilities

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